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This blog is a Fortress of Fasting for Khaleesii of a certain age to Conquer the Doom of T2D by applying sound, cutting-edge science and personal experience in a world of misinformation, commercialization, and food-crazation all with an ASOIAF dose of fun…

I hope to conquer my T2 Diabetes (T2D) and MTHFR mutated genetics by lowering insulin and activating restorative, anti-aging metabolic pathways through healthy, non-medicinal lifestyle changes.

I am not selling anything; my goals, strategies and habits can be found here.

I am also not a big foodie; fasting and feasting are like Fire and Ice and I need to burn, not continue to hoard,  my plentiful stores  Winter is here!

I welcome you to the KetoKhalasar and receive Raven blog notifications.

I promise to post no spoilers for either Game of Thrones or A Song of Ice And Fire (ASOIAF) and to not excessively infringe on their copyrights, but only to just nod and wink at the creative genius of George RR Martin!

I have started a Colorado Cottage Food Business to meet requests from my colleagues for my healthy-fat, ketogenic snacks  – check it out: